Snow days

The other day on question time the topic that inspired the strongest feelings was not Europe or the country’s perilous finances; it was schools closing because of the snow. People were outraged – or, more accurately, OUTRAGED! – that so many schools had been closed. Teachers were lazy, headmasters couldn’t be bothered, Blighty’s gone down the pan, it wuren’t like that in ma day, we used to survive on gruel and live out of a plastic bag, and we wur grateful, GRATEFUL, I TELL THEE!

What a bunch of killjoys!

When I was at school, we used to relish snow days, so we could go out and play with our friends, making snowmen, sledging, snowball fighting, and suchlike. Missing a day’s school wasn’t the end of the world – the work would get done next week. And anyway, it was only learning Je m’appelle, or how to to add and subtract, or “take away”, as we called it, back my day.

In fact, I very much wish that we could carry the children’s ethic into the workplace…


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