One more thing on Julie Burchill and Free Speech…

…I couldn’t resist!

The Observer’s publishing Burchill’s article actually demonstrates a particular benefit of free speech: at least now a lot of people know how vile Julie Burchill can be. As with other things noxious, better out than in, I say!

Moreover, the whole imbroglio has brought to light the antagonism between a certain kind of feminist and the transexual community, something I, in my detached patriarchal naivety, had been hitherto unaware of. In addition to Julie Burchill, Suzanne Moore and Julie Bindel have also made surprisingly nasty statements about transexuals. Perhaps this is a generational thing because Laurie Penny, the 26 year old author of Meat Market: Female Flesh under Capitalism, has written a great piece standing up for transexuals.


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